Principle Investigator

Ilan Gronau is a Senior Lecturer at the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science in the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center (IDC). He received his PhD in Computer Science from the Technion in 2009, and conducted postdoctoral research until 2014 in Adam Siepel's computational genomics lab at Cornell University. In 2014, Ilan joined the CS school at IDC to open and head the computational biology lab.         cv


Ron Visbord is a Masters student in the lab and also a senior search engineer at Twiggle, a startup company developing improved search engines for e-commerce. He received his BSc in Computer Science and Math from Tel Aviv University in 2010 and is currently doing research for his Masters thesis at IDC. His research aims to develop new methods for combining Bayesian hypothesis testing with demography inference. Ron is leading the charge on this complex problem, which is one of the main methodological challenges that our lab intends to tackle in the next few years.

Elad Cohen is a Masters student in the lab and also a full stack developer at Aptrinsic. Elad received his BSc in Software Engineering from Shenkar College in 2012 and is currently working on his final Masters project. He is developing a new interactive software tool for constructing Bayes networks and exploring inference algorithms in these networks.

Research Staff

Shilo Navon is a research scientist in the lab. He received his BSc in Computer Science and Biology and his MSc in Agriculture from the Hebrew university. He is also the current CTO of Cluck - an innovative acoustic-based solution for automatic stress detection of birds in poultry farms. Shilo's interests range from pure ecology and agriculture research and practice to algorithms design. Shilo has recently joined our efforts to investigate the genomics of avian speciation.

Recruiting . . .

Highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for part-time or full-time positions in the lab.   If you are creative and like to solve interesting and tough problems, then contact us.
We are currently looking for a graduate student or post-doc to lead research in genomics of speciation as part of our collaboration with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.   See details in our ad.


  • Boaz Aviv (Masters final project - multi-threaded version of G-PhoCS)
  • Tal Bigel     (Undergraduate programmer - control file generator for G-PhoCS)


Ilan Gronau    

  • + 972 - 9 - 952 - 7907
  • Room 127, Computer Science and Communications Building
  • The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC)
    P.O.Box 167,   Kanfei Nesharim St.
    Herzliya 46150,   Israel
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