Anat Bremler-Barr : Teaching

Present: Current courses


Lecturer at the following courses:

                     Operating system at IDC: 2007-2011

                     Seminar: Network Algoritmics at IDC: 2009

                     Workshop: Network Security at IDC: 2007,2008

                     Data Structure at IDC: 2004-2007

                     Advanced topics in IP Networks at IDC: 2004,2005,2007,2010

                     Seminar: Internet Attacks - On worms and DDOS at IDC: 2006,2007

                     Advanced topics in Computer Architecture at IDC: 2004,2006,2008

                     Computer structure course at Tel-Aviv University : 1998-2002.

                     Operating system course at Tel-Aviv University: 1998-2002, MTA (Tel-Aviv-Yafo college) 1998-1999.

                     Seminar: Advanced topics in IP network at Tel-Aviv University: 1999-2002

                     Distributed Algorithm in MTA (Tel-Aviv-Yafo college): 1999.

                     Introduction to System Programming - at Tel-Aviv University: 1995-1998.

Teaching assistant: 1996-1999.

Computer Lab Advisor at Tel-Aviv University: 1993-1994.