There are times when Computer Graphics is required to be succinct and simple. Carefully chosen simplified and static images can portray a narration of a story as effectively as 3D photo-realistic continuous graphics. In this paper we present an automatic system which transforms continuous graphics originating from real 3D virtualworld interactions into a sequence of comics images. The system traces events during the interaction and then analyzes and breaks them into scenes. Based on user defined parameters of point-ofview and story granularity it chooses specific time-frames to create static images, renders them, and applies post-processing to reduce their cluttering. The system utilizes the same principal of intelligent reduction of details in both temporal and spatial domains for choosing important events and depicting them visually. The end result is a sequence of comics images which summarize the main happenings and present them in a coherent, concise and visually pleasing manner.
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Cartoon-like Abstracts

Cartoon-like Threshold 14 - Cartoon Threshold 14 - Cartoon
Threshold 22 - Cartoon Threshold 22 - Cartoon
Threshold 30 - Cartoon Threshold 30 - Cartoon
Threshold 36 - Cartoon Threshold 36 - Cartoon
Threshold 22 - Major Threshold 22 - Major

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Directed Playbacks

Each video shows an automatically directed playback for a certain actor in the world during one recorded session (requires QuickTime).
Entities residing within the main actor's interactionhood are shaded.

Normal Playback
Green Player
Blue Player
Monster 1
Monster 2
Monster 3